Who We Are


Owner and Director Ted Innes Ker grew up in the Scottish Borders with an obsession for the outdoors from a very early age. Spending time between Floors Castle, his father's home in the Borders and exploring the country all the way to the tip of the highlands, as long as he was outdoors (ideally with a gun/fishing rod/golf club in his hand) he was happy. This inbuilt passion for the great outdoors is at the very centre of Reiver's ethos. "Legendary Journeys" is not just a tagline, it is an explanation of what clients will get when they come on a Reiver trip.

Crucially at the very core of the business is the ability to access the most private and exclusive opportunities in the country. Castles, estates and lodges that have had their doors closed since the laird built them hundreds of years ago, are now discreetly available solely through Reiver. Ted and his team have an extraordinary address book that no others in the industry can match.