What We Do

Legendary Journeys

Scotland - Dramatic, Atmospheric, Historic, Romantic.

Some of the many words associated with this extraordinary country. Experience a legendary journey at the hands of the Reiver team. Every trip is hand crafted, fully hosted and bespoke from the very start. Drive the roads in a 1960's E Type, fly between lodges in a sea plane, shoot driven grouse on secluded moors, stay in private castles, including the largest inhabited castle in Scotland. Whatever it is you want to do, let Ted and his team know. From there they will take on the challenge of sculpting a truly remarkable trip for you. Opening doors to impossibly private opportunities, Reiver has the keys to the dream trip to Scotland.

Many travel agents send their clients to the same places in Scotland time after time. What Reiver does is it shows its clients more. It goes where agents don't, simply because they can't. Come and experience Scotland from a totally different angle.